Random Facts

  1. My pronouns are she/they and I identify as queer (more specifically as asexual, panromantic, and agender).
  2. I have suffered from severe major depression most of my life and take medicine to treat it. I also have anxiety, panic attacks, ADHD, OCD, (C)PTSD, and believe that therapy can work wonders.
  3. I get most of my inspiration for stories from music and random images/sentences/names that pop into my head.
  4. I am a plantser (a mix of planner and pantser).
  5. My favorite numbers are my old basketball jersey numbers, one for my high school team (31) and one for my traveling team (14).
  6. My favorite colors are blue, green, purple, and, although it is not technically a color, gray.
  7. I love making spreadsheets.
  8. I’m a caregiver for one of my parents.
  9. I have a full-time day job that has nothing to do with writing and everything to do with databases, research, and spreadsheets.
  10. One of my legs is shorter than the other. With that and my scoliosis, my knees and lower back are all jacked up.
  11. I have a sizable My Little Pony collection that includes both Gen 1 and Gen 4 figures.
  12. The first fan-fic I ever tried to write was about a soap opera I didn’t watch.
  13. My Chemical Romance is the band of my heart.
  14. I was given a Legolas doll in 2004 by my then friend, Eric. Reader, I married him.